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Dr. Marc Aguilera is a trilingual professional and an accomplished book author with a deep passion for fostering robust business relationships, shaping coalitions, and assembling diverse teams that transcend cultural and organizational boundaries. Prior to founding his global consulting company, his extensive background includes 20+ years in business development, sales, and operations, educational leadership; working for medium to large organizations, including Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies. This is where he successfully served clients in portfolio accounts from pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, to higher education. Additionally, Marc has partnered with local, county, state, federal government entities.


When asked about the key factor in scaling up any business growth for any organization, Dr. Aguilera emphasizes that the essential component is the R-Factor, meaning the relationships. As written in his recently published book, The Becoming of an American, he delves into the crucial dynamics that underpin every business, highlighting the significance. As a stand-alone leader, running many organizations, Dr. Aguilera understands the importance of being an exceptional facilitator. Leaders need to walk the talk, and prioritize understanding and fostering genuine connections with their employees. As a consultant, he leverages his exceptional listening skills to empower organizations to execute their strategies effectively, leading to substantial financial growth.

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